By Laws


The LCT’s mail location is considered to be that of the President. This location along with phone numbers can be found in our monthly newsletter.


The LCT is a chapter affiliate of the Corporation, American Association of Woodturners (AAW), Inc., located in St. Paul, Minnesota. LCT members are encouraged to belong to the AAW. Refer to Article XI for AAW DISCLAIMERS, FISCAL AND LEGAL.


The LCT supports the general purposes of the AAW parent organization. This Chapter will facilitate:

    1. Providing a meeting place for local turners
    2. Sharing ideas regarding this form of art and craft
    3. Exchanging ideas about tools, turning techniques, and design
    4. Trading wood and turning equipment
    5. Supporting interested youths, providing them encouragement and access to training


Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Lathe-turning without regard to age, race, creed, color, gender, or national origin. This interest may include hobbyists, students, amateur or part-time turners, professional turners, master craftsmen turners, collectors, galleries, dealers, and retail sales. Dues will be determined by the Board. Annual dues are required to initiate and maintain membership, with renewal fees due December 15th and delinquent after February 1. Termination of club membership, including the newsletter, will occur to persons who have not met their LCT dues obligation. Annual membership fees are waived for youth age 10-17, when sponsored by a current member


The LCT will meet on the last Thursday of each month. The LCT Board will determine a permanent monthly meeting location. The President may designate alternate sites within the Savannah Metro area as conditions may require. A meeting notice will be placed in the newsletter. All Officer or other business related meetings are open to general membership with locations and time provided by officers upon a member request.



    1. NUMBER AND ELECTION: The officers of LCT shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These officers shall be elected annually at the December meeting by a majority vote of members attending that meeting. Such other officers and assistants as deemed necessary may be elected by Chapter members or appointed by the elected officers.


    1. TERM OF EACH OFFICE: There are no term limits for officers of Board members. Each officer shall be an active member of the LCT for the past two years and a current member of the AAW.


    1. REMOVAL: Any officer elected or appointed may be removed when deemed in the best interest of LCT. This would be accomplished by a majority vote of the members who are present at a regularly scheduled meeting. The meeting should not be held for a period of at least thirty-days starting with the membership notification.


    1. VACANCIES: Sitting officers may fill a vacancy in any Office for the unexpired portion of the term.


    1. PRESIDENT: The president will be the principal executive officer of the LCT, providing supervision and control of all business and affairs of the LCT. This includes approving all such LCT expenditures and approving all checks written by the Treasurer. The President will conduct monthly meetings.


    1. VICE PRESIDENT: In the absence of the President, the Vice President will perform the duties of President. When so acting, the Vice President will have all the powers of and be subject to all the restrictions upon the President. The Vice President will from time to time check the status of the Secretary’s records; Treasurer’s funding accounts and the progress of official committee actions and report to the President. The Vice President will perform such other duties as may be assigned by the President.



    1. SECRETARY: The Secretary will keep and maintain minutes of the LCT’s meetings, insure all notices are duly given in accordance with the provisions of these by-laws or otherwise required. The Secretary will notify the AAW, other chapters and appropriate parties of names and addresses, when new officers are elected. When requested by the President, the Secretary will provide a summary of the minutes of selected meetings in the newsletter. The Secretary will send a welcome letter to all new members including a copy of the LCT by-laws and an application form for membership to the AAW. The Secretary will perform other duties as may be assigned by the President.


  1. TREASURER: The Treasurer will collect all membership fees and all other funds generated by the LCT and will be responsible for keeping current and accurate banking and financial records. The Treasurer will provide monthly reports to the Board and quarterly reports to the membership. Other reports will be provided as requested. The Treasurer will perform other duties as may be assigned by the President.



The six member Board of Directors shall consist of the current officers, the immediate past President and one at-large member appointed by the outgoing Board. The Board of Directors will assist the officers in conducting chapter affairs and shall head committees as appointed by the President.


Standing Committees are to work under the supervision and control of the President. Committee members will be selected yearly by the Board of Directors.

NEWSLETTER: The committee will collect articles, compose and print the Newsletter and mail (e-mail) to members and selected non-members. The newsletter will be published monthly except on special occasions approved by the President.

PROGRAMS: The committee will be responsible for planning monthly programs and demonstrations that are within the purposes of the LCT. They will also organize periodic demonstrations for the membership, which may be, free or subject to a fee. The committee will publish a yearly calendar of events that is updated monthly in the newsletter.

SAFETY OFFICER: The purpose of the Safety Officer will be to promote safe woodturning practices and identify and evaluate unsafe woodturning operations at our Chapter meetings and other club functions. This person will also lead efforts for safety training and awareness in all members.

REFRESHMENT: The committee will set up an annual schedule to provide refreshments (chips, cookies, nuts, soda, water, etc…) at the monthly club meetings. The committee chair will assign different members to assist with this duty for each monthly meeting. The Committee chair is also responsible for assigning individuals to prepare and clean-up the meeting room, before and after the monthly meeting. The refreshment and prep./clean-up schedule will be updated and reported out in each monthly newsletter.

AUDIO VISUAL: Set up and operate audio and visual equipment for each monthly meeting. Maintain equipment in good operating condition and if replacement equipment is needed report such to the Board of Directors.

EQUIPMENT/TOOLS: Maintain turning equipment and tools in good working order. Keep an up-to-date inventory of equipment and tools the club owns. Committee chair will bring requests for new equipment/tools before the Board of Directors.

MEMBERSHIP: Maintains an up-to-date list of all current year members (names. Emails, addresses, phone numbers, and AAW membership) who have paid their LCT dues. Assists Treasurer in contacting delinquent members and actively recruits new members.

WEBMASTER: Maintains and updates the LCT’s web site


LCT’s fiscal assets shall be the responsibility of the President and Treasurer. Expenditures of funds shall be by check only. Both the President and Treasurer will assure that all expenditures will not exceed funds on hand. LCT members requiring operating funds must receive written approval before their expenditure and reimbursement.


LCT members shall support the goals of this chapter without verbal or physical malice to any member, the chapter as a whole or to other associated organizations or individuals. Officers, Board Members and Safety Officer will hold themselves to the very highest standards, avoiding conflict of interest while giving their full support for the best interests of the LCT.


    1. The Corporation, American Association of Woodturners, Inc., specifically disassociates itself from any debt obligations of the LCT. The Corporate Board of Directors of AAW is not responsible for any debt obligations of the LCT. AAW’s national office must be notified in writing prior to and respond in writing before incurring any indebtedness for LCT.
    2. The Corporation, American Association of Woodturners, Inc., specifically disassociates itself from any other obligations or encumbrances of the LCT. While the AAW parent organization will provide advice and counsel, as requested, the LCT is advised that the nature and extent of their activities are left to their discretion. The Corporate Organization does not shoulder any legal liability for accidents that occur during events of any kind sponsored or unsponsored by the LCT. Demonstrations are to be conducted solely at the discretion of the LCT and all safety and instruction is to be under their explicit direction and control.


These by-laws may be altered, amended or repealed and new by-laws may be adopted by a vote of a simple majority of the qualified voting members of LCT then casting ballots at a regularly scheduled meeting. The LCT Secretary MUST file copies of all modifications to these by-laws with the AAW.


The “Low Country Turners” (LCT) of Savannah by-laws have been agreed upon and adopted by the following elected officers on Dec. 7, 2013:

President: _________Steve Cook_______________________________________________________________

Vice President:_____Gordon Sloane_____________________________________________________________

Secretary:_________Lonnie Bott________________________________________________________________

Treasurer__________Bill Cook__________________________________________________________________