Gallery Exhibit Setup

Setup for the Savannah Cultural Affairs Show from March 4-April 1 will be March 1-3. Roy will start the setup on March 1 at 10am. Anyone that wants to help is welcome.The opening reception for the exhibit will be March 4 from 5 to 9pm. All members are encouraged to attend. Roy will buy appetizers, plates, cups and napkins from Sam’s Club. He will also provide wood serving platters and/or bowls.

Just a reminder that any artwork sold during the exhibit will remain at the show for the entire duration.

The exhibit ends April 4. Roy will be there at 10am to start to tear down the exhibit. Members who are exhibiting work can pick up their pieces on April 4. Volunteers are needed to pick up work for members who can’t be there and distribute it at the next member meeting on April 28.